Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nutrition 101 By Randy Paar

As a triathlon coach, and former bodybuilder/weightlifter, nutrition has always been a great interest of mine.

I find it amazing how our Lord has blessed us with the most amazing gadget out there: ourselves!!

We spend all kinds of money on go faster carbon fiber frames, space age aero helmets, sleek form fitting skinsuits, fancy race wheels, carbon cages, powermeters.....and the list goes on. I even see they have carbon fiber swim goggles? For real.......

We spend hours cleaning and polishing our fancy space age steeds, right? So, answer me this: WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE SKIMP ON THEIR NUTRITION??

I love the excuses: I don't have time, I don't know how to cook, my wife doesn't like it, my kids won't eat it, my dog won't eat it!!! C'mon on!!

What wife doesn't love it when their man cooks for them? And kids, shoot, they don't know what they like until they are brainwashed by McDonalds, Red Bull, Burger King, and all of the other processed foods (I use that term loosely) that are constantly shoved at them. It's our job to ensure that we teach them what is really good.

A nearly perfect and easy day of eating:

Breakfast: 1 cup of organic rolled oats with sliced berries, 2 scrambled eggs

Snack-handful of raw almonds, piece of fruit

Lunch-2 cups of brown rice or Quinoa, 4 oz. of protein source, side of fresh sliced fruit and/or veggies

Snack/Preworkout-1 english muffin w/banana & nutbutter

Postworkout/Dinner-5 oz. protein source, 1 sweet potato, large spinach salad w/veggies

There you have it, delicious and nutritious!!

A rule to live by: If it grows in the ground, or you can pick it off a tree-eat it. If you buy it from the center isle of the grocery store, you're probably better off consuming the packaging that it came in.

Feed your body and mind with quality foods and nutrients, so we can be strong role models for all. We've all been blessed to do this sport, to spread the word of our God. We should present a positive and healthy image.

See, and I bet you thought this was going to be another "cookie cutter" nutrition program with specific formulas. I can bore you to tears with one if you like, but I hope this one reaches out to you.

Have a blessed and safe day!

Randy Paar is the owner of RPMultisport and can be reached at Randy is also a USAT Coach Level 1, USA Cycling Coach Level 3 and FIST Certified Bike Fitter.

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