Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Best of NING, Highlights by Dan Matheson

John Adams announced the launch of the MsM Chaplaincy program. Find out more about the chaplain for your region.

Damone Brown let us all know about a must see short film:

A topic that we all deal with daily and need to rely upon our brothers for support is temptation

If you don’t have something that hits your inbox each day to think about first thing try this recommendation from Brandon Cox:

One thing that is different for everyone and there appear to be a thousand answers for is what to do with your race day nutrition. We all know what works for us or have questions so ask/answer here:

Triathlon is an expensive sport and we all need to save a buck getting there on airfares, shipping or otherwise, so if you have any hints on how to save $$$ please let the rest of us know here:

It is very easy to get distracted each day and forget to ask why are we here? What do I need to do? Our sport is very similar as we ask – why am I racing? What do I need to do to improve? Trevor Sultz stumbled across the following quote which got him thinking "The Ironman has a way of finding a weakness. It has a way of weeding out the pretenders from the contenders...". What do you think?

We all struggle with inspiration every day and strive to inspire the next generation. But sometimes they can show us the way as John Tidball let us know:

Stepping out and leading others is tough so please pray for Kenneth Ramsay and his wife as they do what can be so hard:

Lap, after lap, after lap, after lap, we could go on….but how do you keep count:

Finally, one our board members, Scott Bishop reminds us of what is important – fellowship and standing together for two are stronger than one. We can all be there to lift each other up and remind ourselves of the colours we wear:

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