Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Race Report: REV 3 -By John Adams

What an incredible day! First off Lake Erie was 3-5ft waves at the Saturday training swim! The wind shifted overnight and calmed the water down. Had prayer with Rev3's owner the night before for good weather and a good race. Had the opportunity to pray for numerous folks before race day as well. Rev3 also did an interview with me and played it on the jumbotron numerous times during the race. I haven't seen it yet but those who did say it came out very well. I'll post it when I get it. MsM got great press! We had a table set up and a number of folks came by.

They had me open the event with prayer and I did so in my MsM jacket. I have video of that as well. I didn't have a good swim as my calves were trying to cramp! Still finished in 1:51. Bike was uneventful but very windy! I passed numerous folks who had flats and such but everyone seemed to be OK. I felt the Lord impress me that ministry would take place during the run. I forgot about that until later. Our church had about 50 volunteers who were all over the course and gave tons of encouragement. On the run, which I wasn't sure if I could do it, I hooked up with a guy I met the day before. He was going to do a moderate pace so I decided to hang with him which I did the entire first 12.1 loop. On the way out on the 2nd loop, he started feeling badly and threw up fairly badly, very badly, in fact. I stuck around as people kept passing us. We had intended to to finish in 4:30 and I was watching my respectable finish diminish before my eyes. He sat down and I sat beside him. I really wanted to leave and get on with my run and finish 12 hrs or so. I asked him if I could pray for him. He agreed so I simply laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed a simple prayer. As I continued to see people pass, I finally realized that I needed to help this guy finish so I decided to stick with him to the finish. In about another 15-20 min he started to feel better. The aid station wanted to call the Med tent people but he said no to that. In about another 10 min or so we were on our way walking. We walked most the 2nd loop and had great conversation about God spiritual things, family, racing etc. We ran a little and wanted to finish inside 15hrs. I finished in 14:49. So I easily passed up my third 4th place finish and probably a podium finish at 3rd. However, people are more important than medals and plaques. My longest pre-race run was 14 mi. My longest pre-race ride was 71 mi and I had been swimming 1.5-2.0mi per workout. I know that's crazy, but it was pretty much what I could do. A man in my church posted a 25' banner with Phil. 4:13 along the run course which EVERYONE ran by! I stuck with David until we crossed the finish line. He made me go first and his wife had tears in her eyes as she came up to me and hugged me! My entire family and MANY church members were there to welcome me at the finish. It was awesome! Heather Gollnick had me share my story at the awards breakfast and also had me pray there as well.

However, probably the best story was one of MsM's Michigan members, who I don't remember his name, was out on the race course asking God to show him why he was here. He came upon a a guy who broke some spokes on his wheel who was really discouraged that his year of training was over and he couldn't finish the race. The MsM member told him that he had finished 11 IM races and could stand to not finish this one. He then took his wheel off his bike and put it on the guys bike who then went on to finish. That story was told over the PA system in transition and also at the award breakfast. Shawn, the announcer almost couldn't finish telling it because he was so broken up and touched that someone would do that. He mentioned that the guy was from MsM!

This is the short version, but we have excellent genuine relationships in the Rev3 organization as its owners are committed to the Lord and to family. They are a great organization to get behind and promote. They have our values.

Also...Ohio's MsM team Captain, Dean Ensey, took 3rd in the 55-59 age group (I took 5th in this group) and Ohio's MsM team Chaplain, Randy Lehrer took 1st in the Aqua-Bike. Great Day for Multisport MINISTRIES, more importantly..Christ.