Friday, April 22, 2011

Food for Thought, April 2011

Hello my MsM bruthas!

I hope that this article finds you all happy, healthy, and embracing the word of our Lord. How is your race season going so far? Better, worse, or about what you expected??

I had my first race of the season on April 2nd, Oceanside 70.3. I was really looking forward to it, my training was dialed in, nutrition was golden, all was good. But, as in life, things happen. I had been doing some consulting work in San Francisco for the 3 weeks prior to the event. About a week out, I was asked to speak at the Ironprayer service for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I was excited about it, but also felt that it was one more "thing" to add to my list. I knew I had been stretching myself thin, I wasn't able to drive home to Ventura, CA until Thursday, the 31st. I arrived at 6:30 p/m that night, after driving for 6+ hours. I unpacked, said hello to my apartment for the first time in 3 weeks, and promptly passed out on the couch. I was up early to drive to Oceanside, and arrived there at 8:00 a/m. After packet pick up, checking into the hotel, and bringing in all my gear, it was already 4:00 p/m, and the Ironprayer was supposed to start at 4:30 p/m. Friday afternoon traffic in So Cal, not happening. I was so worn out, I was in bed at 5:15 on Friday night! I slept until 3:45 a/m on Saturday morning. I woke up, had my normal pre-race meal of 3 buttermilk pancakes with peanut butter, coffee, and an electrolyte drink. Perfect.

Drive to the race site, great spot in transition, good to go!! My wave started at 6:56 a/m. Normally the water is wicked cold, mid to upper 50's. Race day was 62, and felt downright balmy!! My wave goes off, and within the first 50 yards of the swim, I was kicked directly in my left orbital bone. I remember thinking, "Wow, what a good shot!" Kind of knocked me senseless for a bit. I regained my composure and finished the swim. I'm running to my bike, and notice a lot of strange looks from the spectators. "Hmm, what up with that?" I grab my bike and head out on the course. I'm hammering, having the best race of my life. At mile 40, a cyclist rides up next to me and says, "Bro, are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm great, why?" He says that the left side of my face is busted open. I reach up, and sure enough, can feel dried blood all over my face. Ahh, so that's what everyone was looking at in transition, blood running down my face!! Anyway, I'm at mile 47 at 2:15 into the bike, and I hear a "ping, ping".......uh oh......guy behind me tells me I flatted. I pull off the road, and grab my rear wheel. Still full of air. What the? The wheel won't roll, lodged into my chain stay. I snapped 2 spokes right in the middle. Done. Over. Best race I've ever had. So, how do I react? Would have been very easy to unload an F-Bomb tirade. However, I just laughed and figured it was a hard lesson that our amazing God was teaching me. I slept in instead of going to the Ironprayer, next day first ever mechanical DNF. I felt bad enough about missing the service, and this just made it worse. As I'm walking back to transition, busted wheel, blood all over my face, bike slung over my shoulder, what else could I do but thank God for the amazing day, and realize that He is always in control.

I'm racing the Napa Valley Half Ironman on April 30th, and praying that the Lord gives me a shot at redemption. I know He will.

So, I can't leave you without some kind of nutrition!! Here is my favorite recovery shake:
12-16 oz. of cold water
1 scoop of whey protein powder
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup of blueberries
2 organic dates
1 tbsp of Agave Nectar
Handful of ice and mix it all in blender, enjoy!!!

Be well my bruthas, until next time:
Psalm 104:21 "The young lions roar after their pray"

Feed the machine, RP

Randy Paar lives and trains in Ventura, California and is the owner of RPMultisport and can be reached at Randy is also a USAT Coach Level 1, USA Cycling Coach Level 2 and FIST Certified Bike Fitter.

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